Mobdro Live TV App (APK) Download Version 2.0.58

The Mobdro Download (APK) is a FREE Android application that once installed allows users to stream hundreds of live television channels from around the world and in a variety of languages. The Mobdro application is a simple to use program that is very easy to install on any Android, iOS, and Windows device. The Mobdro Download is compatible and can be installed on Android TV Boxes, Android Phones, Android Tablets, and even on your PC and iOS devices.

To get your free Mobdro Download (APK), please click HERE. Alternatively, you can also click on the "Download" button below. Please note, the Mobdro app is not available in the Google Play store.

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What is Mobdro ?

If you do not have cable or satellite TV and are looking for ways to watch your favorite television channels, then you need to download the Mobdro application today. Mobdro is a free Android application that can be downloaded by clicking HERE. The application is a form of IPTV; by which once downloaded, users will be able to search through hundreds of free live television streams for easy viewing. This application has television channels from around the world and includes streams in a variety of languages, including English, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Arabic, and more.

For all of you sports fans, especially the soccer fans out in the UK and the rest of Europe, never miss a match again with the Mobdro application. All major sporting events including all major North American sports are always on Mobdro.

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What Is Mobdro?

Mobdro APK is an Android application that can be installed on all Android devices, as well as PC's and iOS devices. the Mobdro application provides users with free live telivision streams from around the world. The streams are fast and most of which are in great quality. From live news streams to your favorite sporting channels, and to multi- language content this application is a must. Click here for more info and to download Mobdro.

Free Versions

The Mobdro application is free for any user. With the free version of Mobdro you can watch hundreds of live television channels and choose between many different languages to watch content in. Users are also able to browse television series and a variety of movies in addition to the live television content. Please note with the free version there are advertisements. Although they are not an issue, the paid version of Mobdro does not have any advertisements .


The Mobdro application is free to download and is compatible with all Android devices, including phones and tablets. The Mobdro application can also be installed on PC's and iOS devices as long as you have downloaded the Blue Stacks application. If you have a Smart TV (Samsung or Sharp) this may not work. Mobdro can also be streamed via a Chrome Cast to any television with an HDMI input. Download Mobdro today!

Paid Version?

The paid version of the Mobdro application is worth the few dollars/year; the equivalent to a cup of coffee. With the Mobdro premium version you will have the option to remove all advertisements, download content (PVR),  set a sleep timer, and connect a Chromecast to the application. After testing the premium version I am a strong believer and will advocate to all users that this is the way to go. For more info give the guys at Mobdro a shout by clicking here



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