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How to Stream Mobdro to Your TV (Chromecast)

As many of you know, the Mobdro android application is seen as one of the best free live tv and streaming (IPTV) applications available. The Mobdro application is free and allows users to watch thousands of live television channels and shows from around the world. The Mobdro APK is available on all Android devices.

The Mobdro application was originally created for use only on stationary Android devices. This included devices such as Android TV Boxes, Android phones, and Android tables. With the popularity of Smart TV’s growing, many people are looking for ways to stream the Mobdro application directly to their TVs. The best way to do this is

The process of streaming your Mobdro application to your Smart TV is very simple and free. Follow the steps below to start streaming Mobdro on Chromecast or watch our simple tutorial video. To buy a Google Chromecast or to learn more about it features, click HERE

Step 1. Download and install the Google Cast app (also known as Chromecast app) on your device. You can also download the All Cast app. CLICK HERE FOR ALLCAST 

Step 2. Launch the Mobdro App on your Android device.

Step 3. Ensure that your Chromecast device is connected to your TV and ready for use.

Step 4. Once you open the Mobdro app, ensure that the Chromecast and Mobdro app are being used within the same internet network. If this is not being done, the casting process will not work.

Step 5. Once the Mobdro app detects your Chromecast device, a “Cast” icon will appear beside the “Search” icon in the “Notification Bar” of the app. This will appear at the top right portion of your screen.

Step 7. You are almost ready to go. Now simply find a channel that you want to watch and the casting process will begin.

NOTE: To Download a free copy of the Mobdro Android APK, click HERE.



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