Mobdro Version 2.0.52

Mobdro Version 2.0.52 Download and FIX

If you have the Mobdro Live Tv app downloaded and installed on your Android TV box or mobile device, you may have been experiencing some major issues with the application in recent months, especially if you updated the Mobdro application in September 2017.

Today we are going to show you how to resolve the past Mobdro application issues by upgrading to the new version.

The newest version is Mobdro Version 2.0.52. This version should be downloaded and installed as soon as possible. To get the new version of Mobdro you have two options:

  1. Open the old Mobdro version and click on the home page button that states “update”; or
  2. Delete the old version of the Mobdro application and install a fresh version by clicking HERE.

So, why should you update to Mobdro Version 2.0.52?

Well, the previous version of Mobdro Version 2.0.48 was a brand new build release. This entailed a completely new user interface and program layout and additional features including hardware decoding.

Because this was a new build there were bugs that were not fully addressed prior to its release, and this is actually normal, and also a reason why developers issues soft release or “BETA” releases.

In this situation a BETA was not released and the issues were quite overwhelming. The most prominent issues relate to either no picture/video, no audio, or a completely green screen. If you experienced any of these issues, its definitely time for you to upgrade to Mobdro 2.0.25 now!

What’s NEW with Mobdro 2.0.52?

  1. The overlay button in TV interface and search bar has been fixed. You can now click on it!
  2. You can now enter TV mode without it crashing
  3. Additional and smaller bug fixes and improvements.

To download a copy of the Mobdro Live TV application for your Android devices, feel free to navigate to the HOME page or click HERE for the official Mobdro Version 2.0.52 download.



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